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Tom Rowland Podcast

Mar 16, 2018

Having met years ago while guiding on the Snake River, Tom Rowland and Clay Watson have shared their fair share of fishing stories and experiences all over the world. Intrigued by Watson’s latest experience fishing the waters of Cuba, Rowland invited him on the Tom Rowland Podcast to talk about the adventure.

Watson took a 120-foot mothership under the guidance of an Argentinian outfit to fish the islands off the southern side of Cuba. There were nine total anglers on the week-long trip--though the mothership can accommodate 12--with a number of dolphin skiffs available to take participants from the mothership to the most remote fishing spots. He describes it as similar to what he imagines the Florida Keys were probably like 150 years ago, completely uninhabited and a saltwater fisherman’s dream.

Listen in to hear all about Watson’s Cuban fishing experience, the attributes he thinks make up the ideal fishing guide, why he wouldn’t recommend going to Cuba or Mexico if you’re looking to get into saltwater fishing for the first time, and why he’s headed to Espiritu Santo Bay, Mexico next.


  • Clay Watson is an experienced guide and avid angler that Tom Rowland met years ago when guiding on the Snake
  • Since then, Watson and Rowland have done a lot of fishing, hunting, and training together.
  • Watson and his family are known to travel and fish some intriguing locations throughout the world, with the most recent destination being the waters around

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