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Tom Rowland Podcast

Apr 2, 2018

Jason Stemple grew up in a small farming town in Massachusetts, and his early fishing experiences were fly fishing with his dad. He earned an associate’s degree in graphic design and photography at a local community college then headed out to Western State College of Colorado to earn a business degree, do a lot of great skiing, and continue to dabble in photography. He got back into fly fishing around the age of 24.

After becoming a rafting guide and eventually a fishing guide in Colorado, his passion for photography and fishing finally came together after moving to Charleston, South Carolina. He worked on Kiawah Island in their marketing department shooting everything from multi-million dollar real estate and golf events to wildlife and nature. He was able to get some of his fishing shots published and eventually created a website of his work, and that is how Tom Rowland found him and their work together began.

Listen in to hear Rowland and Stemple swap stories about their first nerve-wracking experiences as fishing guides and how Stemple’s wide range of experiences during his time in Colorado shaped his career into what it is today. They also discuss the evolution of photography, the artistry of photography, and photography versus videography and how they work together to promote today’s fishing industry.


  • Jason Stemple is a freelance photographer and writer based out of Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Stemple grew up in a small farming community in Massachusetts, but eventually wound up in Colorado for college, skiing, and some great photography and fishing experience.
  • Tom Rowland discovered Stemple’s work via his website and they now consistently work together on projects related to Saltwater Experience and Waypoint TV.

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