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Tom Rowland Podcast

May 2, 2018

Fishing has a major economic impact on Florida, 10 BILLION DOLLARS a year to be more specific.  Combine other industries that fishing impacts directly and the financial number is stagering.  This has a major economic impact on the United States.  This issue doesn't just impact fishing guides and Captains in South Florida, it impacts Real Estate values, Tourism not associated with fishing (who wants to go to a stinky beach and watch brown waves crash on the sand?) Fishing, Bird Watching, Jet Ski Rentals, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars (although if the water stinks and everyone loses their jobs and their houses are worth 1/3 their previous value, the bars may be the only place doing better than before the problem) and virtually every other business.  I would go so far as to say that the economic impact of not dealing and solving this problem can not be calculated.  Even at $10 Billion dollars a year, this issue impacts every single American.

Daniel explains that we do not have to recreate the wheel to fix this problem.  The solution is already out there...and passed.  The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan was passed in 2000 and virtually nothing has been done since.  

Captains For Clean Water is dedicated to making sure that the public is educated and that the policy makers are not allowed to kick the can farther down the road.  

I hope you enjoy this podcast with Daniel and find time to go to and familiarize yourself with this organization.  Become a member, join their email list, follow on social, buy a hat, watch the videos and become educated on the problems...find a way to support them.