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Tom Rowland Podcast

Jun 6, 2018

In this bonus episode we check back in with Capt. Daniel Andrews of Captains For Clean Water to learn about the recent freshwater discharges around Sanibel and to hear about how the trip to Washington, DC went.

Daniel Andrews is the Co- Founder of Captains For Clean Water and has dedicated his past few years to addressing the problems in the Everglades.  The organization has grown quickly and have made a major impact towards protecting the Everglades.  Specifically, they are concerned with seeing the EAA Reservoir built to completion.  

Daniel has a clear and concise manner in which he can communicate the issues in the Everglades today combined with a path toward a solution.  

In today’s episode, Daniel gives distinct steps that we can all take to help see that the problems that South Florida and the Everglades are experiencing do not continue to happen for future generations.  

If you are interested in helping:

  1. Go to and learn more about the problem and economic impact
  2. Call or contact your Congressman and tell him or her that you want to make sure that the EAA Reservoir is in the 2018 WRDA Bill and that you want your Congressman’s support on this bill.
  3. Share this podcast with your social media audience
  4. Follow Captains For Clean Water on social media and join their email list