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Tom Rowland Podcast

Jun 13, 2018

Brad McLeod is a former Navy SEAL who now runs SealgrinderPT.  Through his online platform, Brad is able to help athletes of all levels to achieve their goals whether that is completing BUDs and becoming an active duty Navy SEAL or completing their first 5k.  

Brad has a unique perspective to share as his path to becoming a Navy SEAL included attending BUDs, completing Hell Week but failing a Math test and being rolled back out into the fleet.  Finding himself disgusted with chipping paint off the Navy ships while watching a platoon of active duty SEALS preparing their bodies for the upcoming mission, Brad doubled down on homework and body work.  He made sure that if he was able to get another chance at becoming a SEAL he would make the best of it.

His chance came in the form of starting completely over at day 1 and going through BUDs and Hell Week a second time, this time successfully.  It is through these experiences and many more that Brad has developed a Never Quit attitude that can help anyone in any field be more successful.

As a lead instructor at SealFit Kokoro, a 50 hour crucible camp that is designed to be a small snapshot of what real BUDs candidates experience, Brad is able to transfer some of his knowledge to those willing to step up to the plate of this challenging experience.

Tom Rowland signed up for Kokoro and used Brad as a coach to prepare him for the camp.  Through Coach Brad McLeod’s coaching, Tom became ready to complete the camp and get further instruction from Mark Divine and other SEAL instructors at the camp.  Tom later used Brad’s coaching again to prepare for Goruck Selection and has stayed in touch with Brad ever since.  Additionally, Tom’s son Turner graduated from a SealFit 20x program where Brad was the lead instructor.  All of these experiences have brought Tom and Brad closer as friends and this podcast is a fascinating discussion of mindset, never quitting and translating these lessons to everyday life.