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Tom Rowland Podcast

Jun 26, 2018

Howard Films is responsible for creating some of the most iconic fishing films in existence.  Beginning with In Search of A Rising Tide with Andy Smith in the Bahamas Howard films caught the eye of fishing fans and led him to create Chasing Silver, Location X, Andy's Return, Bass The Movie and most recently, Running the Coast.

Tom Rowland worked with Howard films in 2005 to produce Chasing Silver and enjoyed the process so much that they worked together again on Howard Films next project, Location X.  Both of these movies were about the obsession and passion that fishing for tarpon creates and captivated the imagination of anglers worldwide.  

Howard films has a way of doing things slightly different than they have been done before and creating a story in places that others ignored.  The brain behind this creativity is Jamie Howard, ex New York advertising executive who was faced with choices on life's direction after 911.  Everyone's life changed after the events of 911, but those who lived or worked in New York were obviously particularly effected.  Jamie was among those individuals who examined their lives and chose to follow a passion down a different road.  

As a fisherman growing up, Jamie was drawn to the fishing world and felt like he could tell a good story on the canvas of the worlds most beautiful fishing destinations.  His plan worked, but only after self funding the entire operation and enduring many trials and tribulations along the way.  It was not easy, in fact it often seemed impossible but he persisted and overcame all the challenges he faced to produce some of the most iconic films in fishing history.

Tom Rowland arranged time to talk with Jamie and catch up.  With busy schedules and geography challenges, this podcast takes place on the phone and was not without a few challenges of its own.  Tom and Jamie tried several times to make this work but encountered challenges with internet, headsets and scheduling before finally getting to sit down for this unhurried conversation.

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