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Tom Rowland Podcast

Jul 4, 2018

Jason Stemple is a professional photographer who works with Tom Rowland on Saltwater Experience, Into The Blue and Sweetwater shoots.  Jason also does work for Buff, Yeti, Hawks Cay and many other companies in the fishing industry.  His work is so well received because he is able to really capture the feeling of the moment as well as portraying the situation accurately.  

Tom Rowland asked Jason to help us all become better photographers by answering some questions and giving us all some tips on how we can take better photographs of the fish we catch regardless of equipment.  Great photos can be taken on iPhones, Gopros, point and shoot cameras or professional gear by thinking about a few things before you ever pick up the camera.  

If you have ever taken a picture and been disappointed with how it turned out, check out this podcast and I guarantee that you will pick up at least one tip that will make your photos better right away.  Follow Jason on Instagram to reverse engineer his photos and learn how to take better photos yourself.

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Thanks for listening to the podcast and stay tuned for more!

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