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Tom Rowland Podcast

Mar 16, 2018

Tom Rowland and Patrick St. Charles met about a decade ago, bonding through a local workout group and an affinity for extreme fitness events like Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, and Ragnar Relays. Participating in these events led them to even more extreme events like the SEALFit Kokoro and GoRuck Selection.

Modeled after the US Navy Seals crucible “Hell Week”, SEALFit Kokoro is a 50+ hour training event with an approximate 30% pass rate. As SEALFit Kokoro finisher, Rowland learned the true value of teamwork, bringing those lessons back into his family, his business, and every leadership position in his life.

GoRuck Selection is a 48+ hour event covering over 80 miles with an average pass rate of less than 5%. St. Charles has had two experiences with GoRuck Selection, the first time in 2015 with Rowland.

Listen in to hear both men’s experience with GoRuck Selection, why St. Charles went back for a second time, and what drives them to push their bodies and minds through such physically and mentally challenging events. You’ll also learn how each experience, good or bad, has shaped the way they live their daily lives in regard to family, friends, and their businesses.


  • Patrick Charles and is a contractor and family man who met Tom Rowland about 10 years ago through an early morning workout program for men in their area.
  • Rowland and Charles share a love for extreme fitness events and participated in a GoRuck Selection together.
  • Rowland has since completed SEALFit Kokoro and Charles went back for a second GoRuck Selection, making it in the top three of the most recent class.

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