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Tom Rowland Podcast

Nov 14, 2018

Gregor Gillespie is a former Division 1 National Champion wrestler, 4x All American and 2x High School State Champion. He has made the transition to the UFC and sits 12-0 currently. As a fan of wrestling, I am always for the wrestler in the Octagon. Gregor caught my attention with his wrestling pedigree but in his post fight interview I heard him say…what????

“I’m the best fisherman in MMA” he said.

Did he really just say that? “I’m going fishing all day tomorrow and all week. If you want to see some good fishing, follow me on Instagram”

So I did. I followed @Gregorthegift on Instagram and it was full of fishing pictures and videos. Within a few minutes, I decided that I was going to see if I could get him on the podcast. With a direct message, he responded right away and we had this set up.

Gregor was headed to upstate New York to go fishing and had an hour to talk about fishing, wrestling UFC and more.

Follow @Gregorthegift on Instagram to support him or just to see someone who is passionate about fishing, fighting and life.