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Tom Rowland Podcast

Dec 19, 2018

My son Hayden Rowland is friends with Hunter Jackson. Hayden told me to look into the stuff he is doing and I later met Hunter’s dad and saw how supportive his dad was of his passion. I met Hunter and saw how passionate he was about guiding and recently connected with him and got to catch up with him on what he is up to.

Got some bad news however - just a few days after this podcast I learned that Hunter was in an accident where he was hunting and a gun went off and struck him in the neck. He is in the hospital recovering and has a chance to walk again. He is able to use his right hand and some of his left hand, but he is unable to walk. If you could keep Hunter in your thoughts and prayers and if you are able to go above and beyond there is a Go Fund Me Page. You can help Hunter walk again by CLICKING HERE.