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Tom Rowland Podcast

Dec 27, 2018

Brandon Clift is the son of Bill Clift who has been a lifelong family friend.  Bill was influential in my life to show me that you can take alternative paths or even make your own path in life.  Bill was the only person I knew who was living differently than most.  He was racing sailboats, living as a ski instructor and traveling the World.  In hindsight, his influence was profound and is definitely a reason that I chose to do the things I have done thus far in this life.


His son Brandon and I met a few years ago as he was visiting the USA.  I was impressed with Brandon and spent some time working out together and talking about what he intended to do.  When he came back through the States, I took the opportunity to do a podcast with him.  The conversation was real, raw and honest.  I learned many things that I did not know before and came away with a greater understanding of Brandon, Bill, and myself.  


Through the Mankind Project, Brandon has learned a lot about himself and men in general.  He has continued his work with the Mankind Project and it has influenced his current work to bring awareness to suicide in men.