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Tom Rowland Podcast

Mar 16, 2018

“Rags to riches to ruin to redemption.” That is the quick and dirty explanation behind the story of accomplished speaker, author, and educator, Dr. Joe Martin. Dr. Martin was raised in Liberty City, one of the roughest neighborhoods in the Miami, Florida area. Martin didn’t meet a white child until he was 12, struggled under the guidance of a depressed young mother that was a functioning alcoholic, was sexually abused by a family member as a young teen, and buried six of his friends by the age of 16.

“Ask, get the answer, and take action”. That was the mantra that got a struggling young Martin out of the ghetto, into college, and beyond. He bought his first home the semester before he graduated college, graduated at the top of his college class at age 20, moved his mother out of the projects a year after he graduated from college, started his first business at 22, became the youngest professor ever hired to teach in the state of Florida at 24, had his doctorate before he was 30, and wrote several books prior to turning 30 as well.

After achieving all of this success, Dr. Martin still managed to ruin a 16-year marriage and lose a lot of his wealth because he tried to outrun his past by overcompensating, medicating, and isolating. He was a young man that was never taught how to be a man. He found a coach and mentor in the most unlikely and ironic of situations, and that was the turning point. That is where Dr. Joe Martin dedicated his life to becoming a “builder of men”.

Listen in to hear the full circle of Dr. Martin’s redemption and how his life’s goal is now bringing redemption and motivation to men everywhere, both young and old. You don’t want to miss out on this inspirational, gut wrenching, and heartwarming story.


  • Joe Martin is an award-winning international speaker, author, and educator.
  • Martin has authored or co-authored several books and was voted National Speaker of the Year by the Association for the Promotion of Campus
  • Martin is also host of the Real Men Connect podcast, the number one rated podcast on iTunes for Christian
  • After being raised in one of the toughest areas in the S., Dr. Martin has dedicated his life to creating an organization where he can mentor men on how to be responsible, make good decisions, and rise above their circumstances.

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