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Tom Rowland Podcast

Mar 16, 2018

When Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor were tasked with finding potential hosts for a freshwater fishing show, Miles Burghoff’s name quickly came up. Since starting Sweetwater Fishing TV, Rowland and Burghoff have become good fishing buddies and even better friends.

Today’s talk really focuses on what the world of sponsorship looks like, since that is one of the main subjects people ask both of these pros about. They discuss how they both got started in the industry, things they have done to create a larger audience, and the value of networking and staying humble.

Listen in to learn the ins and outs of sponsorships, the best podcasts to get you through your next road trip, and why Burghoff’s nick name is “Sonor”. HINT: It has to do with the hit television series, M*A*S*H!


  • Miles Burghoff is an accomplished tournament bass fisherman and co-host of Sweetwater Fishing TV with Joey
  • While Sweetwater is primarily a bass fishing show, they also tackle all kinds of freshwater
  • Tom Rowland met Burghoff because he was recommended to Rowland as a potential host for a freshwater fishing

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