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Tom Rowland Podcast

Sep 24, 2019

One of the most fun things to do as a fisherman or hunter is to go visit new places.  We are extremely fortunate to have fishing and hunting lodges all around the world that specialize in virtually every species you may want to pursue.  The locations can be spacious 5-star lodges, a backcountry tent camp or tight quarters on a mothership.  Either way, there is some etiquette to follow when visiting a lodge to make sure that you and all other visitors have a good time.

In this short How2Tuesday, I go over some of the things that can lead to a bad trip for yourself or how your actions could diminish the trip for someone else. It is really pretty simple.

I know you are excited to be there and may have just had the best day of fishing or hunting of your life, but when you return to the lodge, don't talk numbers or size.  Instead, ask others if they had fun and get to know them.  Talk about the experience rather than creating a scorecard. Another guest may have had the best day they ever had as well by catching 5-6 fish.  As soon as you start talking about the 50 that you caught, their day doesn't seem so good anymore.  Comparison is the thief of joy… stay away from this one.

We go over a few other good practices around camp as well.  

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Hope To See You In A Camp!

Tom Rowland

Check out the show notes:

00:00 - How to behave in a fishing lodge/camp situation

00:50 - You might be in a camp for a couple days or even a week, and around other people

01:43 - No matter what kind of day you have. When you come into camp, you don’t want to talk size or numbers…

02:11 - You can be really excited about your day and have it ruined by someone else sharing their day.

03:13 - You don’t want to create animosity in camp, the best answer is always “we had an amazing day” and avoid specifics

04:56 - Everything will go smoothly if you keep it general

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