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Tom Rowland Podcast

Nov 6, 2018

In this weeks How 2 Tuesday, I am going to answer a question I got over email. If you have any questions please shoot me an email at I was asked about using live shrimp and live crabs as bait and the question was how to keep shrimp alive overnight.

Why would you even want to keep the shrimp alive overnight? Well if you head out earlier than the bait shop is open, or if you have some left over from the previous day, then you will want live bait for tarpon or bonefish, etc…

The shrimp needs to rest, that is the key.

I was looking for ways to circulate the water, using pumps, keep the water cool. I started keeping the shrimp inside where the AC would help keep them alive, but the pump would heat up and this would kill the shrimp. Other times, the pump has too strong of a flow and the shrimp will work all night and end up dying. In this case you need two things:

  1. Oxygen in the water: using a bubbler or aerator. You don’t need the water to be circulating, you need to oxygenate the whole area. A stone with a weight on it will make it sink and an aerator.

  2. Something for the shrimp to rest on. This is something that the shrimp can hang on to. A screen around the edge maybe. This is a great way to keep the shrimp alive.