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Tom Rowland Podcast

Nov 13, 2018

I am not a podcast expert by any means, however I was able to get mine off the ground and have maintained it for 57 episodes so far. I learned how to do a podcast the hard way like most other things in my life. So, when I received multiple questions asking how I started or what equipment I use, I thought I would address this on the How2Tuesday episode.

The first thing I did was check out the podcasts that had the best sound and shows that had very detailed notes, but it was still difficult to track down all the equipment. I made a few mistakes and purchased equipment I didn’t need. My initial setup was cumbersome and caused me to lose a podcast. After that I decided to create the simplest podcast setup I could so I would never lose another interview.

Initially I used a laptop and headsets and would just sit down with one guest. It was very distracting for me to pay attention to the computer and audio levels. I did more research and came up with a much simpler setup.