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Tom Rowland Podcast

Nov 20, 2018

This week I revisited a popular podcast I did, “How to Stay in Shape on the Road”. Although last time I spoke strictly about the Deck of Cards workout, this week I am going to give you insight to even more options to have while on the road. We have three different workouts you can do: Jelly Legs, 3 miles and 300 pushups, and then Parking Lot. Check out more details about each of these workouts below:

  1. Jelly Legs - 20/1 - 19/2… 1/20

    Jelly Legs consists of two types of movements: a burpee and an air squat

    Start out with 20 burpees and 1 air squat, then 19 burpees and 2 air squats, and continue until you are down to 1 burpee and 20 air squats.

  2. 3 miles and 300 push-ups or 5 miles and 500 push-ups

    The neat thing about this idea is that you can do your push-ups or miles at any time you want, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. You could start out with 50 push-ups, run a mile, push-ups, etc. , knock the miles out first and then the push-ups, or vice-versa.

  3. Parking lot, beach, or hotel: use/make two lines away from each other. On one side of the line, do 10 burpees and then sprint to the other line, do 9 burpees and continue this process down to 1.

    If you want to do less, start with 5 burpees, or walk instead of sprinting to the lines in between burpees. You can also switch out burpees for push-ups as an alternative.

    Want more? Start with 15 or 20 burpees.