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Tom Rowland Podcast

Nov 27, 2018

When choosing a bonefish fly, it is important to keep in mind the shape, size, and sink rates. Depending where you are fishing, you will need to have a heavier or lighter weight bonefish fly. For instance, if you are fishing in shallow water, you don’t want to throw a heavier weight bonefish fly in, as it will scare the fish away. Instead, you will want to have a lighter fly that will sink towards the bottom without having a strong, heavy impact. You can also choose a bonefish fly that has a parachuting effect, which will have a softer impact going in the water. A perfect example for the parachuting effect would be a toad fly. You will want variations of these types of flies that have heavier or lighter eyes depending on your desired sink rate. Be observant, also, if you are fishing in an area with tons of weeds. Always have on hand a type of weedless fly that will be pulling up fish instead of weeds. To ensure you are prepared for the next fishing trip, have as many fly variations of sink rates, shapes and sizes, and you are guaranteed to have a successful fishing experience every time.