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Tom Rowland Podcast

Aug 28, 2018

Finding fish can sometimes be fairly easy, but being able to replicate that situation weeks, months or even years later and find fish doing the same thing again is really what separates the good from the great.  Obviously, keeping some sort of record of what you have found can make a really big difference, but many people start their fishing journal with grand plans of keeping a ton of data.  A few days after starting, they simply stop because the record keeping is taking too much time and effort.  
My friend, Simon Becker, told me once that I only needed to keep track of a few key pieces of information to be able to replicate any success I was able to have on the flats.  If I kept track of these things, I should be able to understand what the conditions were that had the fish using that particular spot and I could pay attention to the weather, wind and tides and figure out when I should go back in the future to find them doing the same thing again.
By just keeping track of a few key details, I was able to create a habit that didn’t take too long and was simple. I continued doing it up to today.
Computers and the internet make it even easier than it once was.  Weather and tide data are all archived and easily accessible.
What are these key pieces of information?   Listen to this week’s How2Tuesday to find out.