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Tom Rowland Podcast

Sep 4, 2018

How to teach a kid to fish with Flukemaster Gene Jensen

Gene Jensen is Flukemaster on Youtube and he has dedicated his life to teaching the world to fish.  I did a full length podcast with him which can be found here.

On this short, How2Tuesday episode, I asked Gene his thoughts on how to teach a kid to fish.  Through his work with the Boy Scouts and his Youtube channel, Gene has a lot of experience with this.  He gave us some simple tips and an overall philosophy that he uses to teach his own kids and many others to fish.

Some of what was covered are:

  1. Leave your gear at home
  2. Teach your kid how to cast before the first time on the water
  3. Remove all stress
  4. Be there for the kids.  On the 3rd time they ask, go home
  5. Have decent tackle to ease frustration
  6. Get small hooks, use live bait and a bobber
  7. Remove tangles one at a time
  8. Don't ever force kids to fish
  9. Make sure that the kids are wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes

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