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Tom Rowland Podcast

Sep 11, 2018

How to learn how to whitewater kayak - Feat. Hunt Jennings

Hunt Jennings is a professional kayak athlete and has done several 1st descents on waterfalls over 100 feet.  While Hunt is a true expert, he wasn't born that way.  Hunt had to learn how to kayak just like everyone else.

On today's How2Tueday show, I ask Hunt about his opinion on how someone would go about learning how to and then getting into whitewater kayaking.  Hunt breaks it down for us in less than 10 minutes and gives excellent advice for anyone who is interested in learning to kayak.

Check out this episode and then stand by for a full length episode with Hunt that is fascinating.  What would make someone go over a 100 foot waterfall in a kayak?  Hunt will tell you.

Until next time, 

Tom Rowland