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Tom Rowland Podcast

Sep 6, 2019

Something I have often disregarded and, I think is probably one of the most commonly sacrificed pillars of health, is sleep. The more I have learned about sleep recently, the more I have been concerned and aware of my sleeping habits and I believe that will be true for you as well. If you learn more about the benefits and advantages of sleep, you might begin to be wary of how much you are sleeping.

I highly recommend Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker as a book recommendation, and if you’d rather listen to a podcast then I would say check out #1109 Joe Rogan Experience with Matthew Walker. Both the book and podcast are by Matthew Walker and he cites some incredible research to show you how important sleep is.

If you are wanting to make advancements in training, wanting to do better in the workplace, or wanting to encourage your kids in their school and sporting activities, you should look into Matthew Walker. If you look into it more and want to continue this conversation please email me

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Time Stamps:

00:00 - Most people don’t understand the importance of sleep

00:40 - If you learn more about sleep then you will certainly take it more seriously, see Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

01:03 - Matthew Walker was on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast (#1109)

01:59 - If you want to make gains in your training, and you aren’t sleeping well then it is affecting you

02:30 - When you are really tired you should think, should I train or should I sleep?

03:05 - How to clean up your sleep environment and sleep hygiene

04:00 - If you have poor sleep habits or if you have questions from reading the book, let me know

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