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Tom Rowland Podcast

Oct 3, 2018

Hunt Jennings is a professional Kayaker who is also working his way through Nursing School. His kayak life started early as a few teachers taught him a few things and gave him opportunities to learn. This was a springboard to spending a semester at a kayak school in lieu of traditional high school. Through this program, Hunt learned a lot about kayaking and even more about himself. Soon he was challenging not only his own limits but possibly the limits of the human body by doing several first descents on waterfalls over 100 feet tall.

Hunt joined Tom Rowland on the podcast to discuss this kayak life, what it has taught him and how in the world someone might look at a 100 foot waterfall and decide that they wanted to paddle a boat over it. Hunt has done this many, many times. His demeanor may not be what you expect, as he is a soft spoken, thoughtful person who has taken into account many variables of safety in deciding to run these falls that others don’t even notice.