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Tom Rowland Podcast

Sep 25, 2019

Josh Thomas was in the advertising world making a great living and working his way up the corporate ladder.  He liked to fish for largemouth bass during his frequent periods of downtime in an industry where those periods were the norm.  A trip with a friend in his first kayak for striped bass changed everything for Josh.  He began to spend more and more time in the kayak and less time in the bass boat, eventually designing his own fishing kayak which was the start of Vibe.  He transitioned out of his corporate job and launched into the life of a Fishing Kayak Entrepreneur.  Through a strategic friendship, he secured some help in starting his business and experienced skyrocketing success from the start. Josh Thomas is the owner and founder of Vibe Kayaks.  

Josh takes us through his entire story as we discuss making the transition out of one job to pursue what you love, how to know when it is the right time to leave when to double down, and just how do you design a kayak.

There is a motto at Vibe; No Drama.  Josh personifies this motto with an easy-going attitude and focuses on what is most important.  To Josh, the most important thing is to have fun and that theme is obvious throughout the lineup of kayaks and hybrid SUPs throughout the Vibe line.

This is a great one about entrepreneurship, passion, and dedication to your business mission.

Visit Vibe Kayaks to see what Josh has created or follow them on Instagram @vibekayaks. If you liked this episode, please tag me in a post on Instagram @tom_rowland and make sure to tag @vibekayaks as well.

See you on the water,

Tom Rowland