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Tom Rowland Podcast

Jan 16, 2019

Matt and Kyle are avid goal setters at the beginning of the year. Matt describes that on New Year’s Eve, he and his family sit at the table together, and write down their goals for the year ahead. As a family, they talk about the resolutions they have for themselves, and for everyone else. We all thought creating a Dream Board is a good idea, especially for families. To make a Dream Board, have a poster board, and a bunch of magazines. Think of places you want to go, or any goals you have for this year. With that in mind, cut out any pictures, or words, in those magazines that match your ideas. Glue or tape on your cut-outs to the poster board, and you have a Dream Board. If you make a Dream Board for your family, hang it up in the garage, or near the front door, where everyone can see it every day. If you make your own Dream Board, maybe hang it up in the closet or bathroom.