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Tom Rowland Podcast

Aug 8, 2018

CA Richardson is a professional angler who has been the host of a television show, Flats Class, for over 10 years.  As a masterful teacher, CA has expanded his influence on South Florida anglers by collaborating with Salt Strong to offer online courses in various subjects.  

Tom Rowland and CA first became acquainted through the early days of the professional redfish tournaments.  They fished against on another in the ESPN Redfish Cup and the IFA Redfish Tours.  Join in this conversation as they discuss what competing in these tournaments has done for both of them as anglers and guides, how it taught them how sponsorship works and where CA is headed these days.

CA is definitely one of the good guys and his loyal fan base is testament to his dedication, passion and true desire to help his fellow anglers.  

You can find CA on the following Social Media:

Waypoint TV:

Twitter: @FlatsClass

Instagram: @flatsclasstv

Facebook: C.A. Richardson

YouTube: FlatsClass/Youtube


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